Just a small update for right now. Check out Chris Tanner's guest appearance on TAPS Family Radio, and a recent newspaper article in which COPS was mentioned. Another update is coming shortly, with some new EVP from some recently completed cases.


Chris Tanner's new e-book is now available for download, and can be found here. Also added a new interview with COPS member John Ciochetty, on Ghostly Talk Paranormal Radio, to the Media Page. We will be adding some more evidence from recent investigations soon as well. More to come!


We recently finished up some local investigations in Georgesville, Ohio, at the Old Town Tavern, and we are also still investigating the Clintonville home. We also added a new Discussion Forum to the site as well. So stop in and talk with us! More updates coming soon!


Added a
local newspaper article from 10-25 in the Grove City News. We will also be appearing on WCOL's Woody and the Wakeup Call on Halloween morning. We also have added an articles page as well. More updates coming soon.


Chris and Sam will be on WCOL's Woody and the Wake-Up Call on Tuesday morning October 16th, for a pre-Halloween show.


We just scheduled another case for October 20th. This case is from last year's radio show, where there was a double murder in a local Groveport home. The homeowner claims that the activity in the home, has heightened, and has asked us to come back and take another look at the situation : )


October is here, and we have two cases set up for a private residence in Clintonville, for October 6th, and another on the 13th in Logan County. We are also pleased to announce that we will be on WCOL's Woody and the Wakeup Call show on Halloween.


Totally debunked the Malabar video, and removed it from the site.


Just added three new pages for some recent work we've done. These pages include a local warehouse, and two buildings we investigated at Ohio Wesleyan. Austin Manor, and the Edwards Gymnasium. We will also be returning to Malabar Farms for theNight Haunt program later this month, and in August. An investigation at Malabar's Pugh Cabin is also in the works, in conjunction with Brett Mitchell's organization, HistoricalPreservation.org.


Just a small update this month. COPS member John Ciochetty's book has been published, about the hauntings that take place at Ohio Wesleyan's Stuyvesant Hall. John's book can be found here.

COPS has also just taken on a few requests for some local residential cases which sound promising. We would also like to welcome aboard our new sound guy, Tom, who has alot of experience with audio production, should prove to be a great asset to our EVP recording techniques, and analysis.

We would also like to announce that we have also finished filming a pilot episode with a major production company out of Los Angeles, which will air sometime in late summer, to early fall, on the History Channel. More updates to come!


Just a short update for the past month or so. We have been busy with a few residential cases this month, along with our new found partnership with Historical Preservation.org. In the coming months, COPS, along with the HP staff, will be looking into some historical sites around Ohio, that have alleged paranormal activity, that may go along with some violent Civil War history.

We also recommend the book Triple Murder: the Crimes Committed by Celia Rose by Brett J Mitchell. Brett has put together a very thoroughly researched book, that focuses on the true story of the Pleasant Valley legend Celia "Ceely" Rose, and how she poisoned her family, over Ceely's love of a neighbor farmboy, Guy Berry in 1896. Very good reading material!


Finished changing the site a bit, to make it easier on the eyes. Also added some of our older cemetery EVP's to the EVP page as well. OWU page has been updated as well, with new EVP's from Sanborn Hall, and Grey Chapel.

I also want to congratulate COPS member John Ciochetty on his new book, which will be coming soon. It will be about the ghosts of Ohio Wesleyan's Stuyvesant Hall. More details coming soon! here is a preview of his cover.