Below are some of the better recordings we've captured from various investigations.


 Greenlawn Abbey Mausoleum - Columbus, Ohio


  • Abbey_02  Captured inside the second floor of the Abbey, with nobody inside, and the doors locked.
  • Ask_Me  This was recorded while we talked about battery drainage, and Gena's scratches on her arm. This is the answer we received.
  • Hate_Us  Recorded outside, on the massive stairs, during a break.
  • Take_Care  Also recorded outside, Gena and myself said goodbye, and we picked up this recording of a young boy.



Haydenville Tunnel 


  • Let go of Me  Recorded during one of our first investigations at the tunnel.
  • That's her arm  Captured during our first trip to the tunnel, Jason's girlfriend Misty gets touched by an un-seen presence, then we picked this up.
  • Sneeze  This was recorded after a team member sneezed.
  • Damn it, thats not fair  An off the wall answer we received after a Q&A session.
  • That's not far  Picked up after discussion of how deep the tunnel is.



Commercial Cases 


  • Kill Her  This was recorded at our investigation of the Florentine Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. Sounds like it's saying "Kill Her". Gena was the only female present that night.
  • Get_Out  Recorded at Louis Bromfield's mansion, at Malabar Farm state park. Notice the EMF meter being triggered, at the time of the recording. This was captured in one of the upstairs bedrooms.
  • Amanda  Another great recording from the home of Louis Bromfield. This one was captured in his study. Nobody named Amanda was present.
  • Sis  Captured at an un-disclosed bed & breakfast, in the Hocking Hills region of southeast Ohio.
  • Musket/Canon  This was recorded in the basement of Cherry's Art Supply, in Columbus, Ohio. It sounds like either a musket, or a canon being fired. Research turned up that this building used to be part of the Underground Railroad.
  • You Like  Another recording captured at Cherry's Art. In this one, Larry asked about some hard cider that was stored in the basement. He got an answer, along with some glasses chiming, like he was in a kitchen.
  • LTOB_03  Captured at Little Theatre off Broadway, in Grove City, Ohio. Listen for the young girl towards the end of the recording.
  • LTOB_02  Gena captured this near the control booth upstairs, at Little Theatre off Broadway.



Residential Cases


  • Get_up  Class A analog recording right here.
  • I didn't do it  Captured at a private home, in Mount Sterling, Ohio, of a little girl. No children were home at the time of our investigation.
  • CashEVP_01  Sugar Grove, Ohio. Recorded in a closed off bedroom, where activity usually takes place.
  • CashEVP _cleaned_01  Same as the above recording, but cleaned up a bit.
  • CashEVP_02  Also recorded in the same room, this sounds like something is saying "Get them back".
  • CashEVP_cleaned_02  Again, same as the above recording, just cleaned up a bit.
  • They brought alot of stuff   Recorded in a home in Whitehall, Ohio, where poltergeist-like activity took place.
  • Thank_You  Captured in the same home as the above recording.
  • I_lost_mine  And another one from Whitehall. Captured in a back bedroom.
  • They_got_you  Recorded in a Clintonville home, while talking with the home owner.



Greenlawn Cemetery EVP Recordings 

(These recordings were captured during regular cemetery hours, and not during an actual investigation.)


  • danke - Captured at Greenlawn Cemetery in Columbus. Sounds like a German child saying "danke", which means "thank you".
  • no picture - Also taken at Greenlawn, this recording was captured after asking if we could take a picture.
  • whistle - This was recorded near some military graves. Nobody else was in the area at the time this was captured.
  • yes - This was recorded near the Hayden mausoleum, after we knocked on the doors, to see if anyone was home.
  • your name - Captured inside the Huntington Chapel.