Below are some interesting photos we have collected during various investigations.

These are posted because we feel they are out of the ordinary. On this page, you will not see "orbs", "ectoplasm", or "vortexes". We feel that these forementioned "anamolies" are due to human/camera error and should not be labeled paranormal in nature.

What we have posted below are photos we would like you to be the judge of. Enjoy!

This picture was taken at a residential investigation, where a young woman commited suicide. More info on this picture can be found on the case page.

This photo was taken by Gena, at our first Malabar Farm investigation. The camera used, was a Sony DSC-V3 7.2 megapixel camera, with the Nightshot function. It appears to be a possible apparition of a man standing in the doorway, near the entrance of a bedroom where we picked up alot of activity.

Here is a comparison photo by our friend Carie at Infinity Paranormal.

This photo was sent to us by Brett Mitchell, of the Malabar Farm staff. Brett was on patrol of the main house after hours, when he decided to snap a few pics through the windows into the main house. It appears to be an apparition of one of Louis Bromfield's Boxers. Central Ohio Paranormal Society does not claim this photo to be paranormal in nature. We posted it for you to be the judge.


Here is a pic we snapped, at a private residence in Newark, Ohio. This photo, along with the Malabar Apparition photo, was taken with the Sony DSC-V3 7.2 Megepixel camera. Further analysis of this photo turned up that it may be possible motion blur due to the camera's appeture settings (Notice the young man in the background isn't blurred). We feel that this picture could go either way. We decided to post it for you to be the judge.

Click here for the comparison photos.