Here is a list of some really popular programs used by alot investigators around the world for processing EVP's, enhancing photos, capturing video, editing video, etc. By clicking on the links provided below, it will take you directly to each programs site to download. All programs available are 100% free!


  • Audacity - A great program used for recording and editing audio files of all kinds.
  • Wavosaur - A powerful, portable audio editor (no installation required!).
  • Wavepad - Another audio program that is good for cleaning up audio files.


  • EXIF Reader - Truly a must have for analyzing RAW information of digital photographs.
  • Gimp - An awesome photo program that compares with Adobe Photoshop.
  • Picasa 3 - Decent picture program put out by Google.
  • Paint.NET - Worth the download. Has some really great features.


  • Wax 2.0 - A hard program to use, but really nice features. Takes some practice to use.
  • WinDV - A free utility for Windows users. Used for transferring Digital Video (DV) to your computer using firewire. Very simple to use.
  • VirtualDub - A nice video editor and format converter.

General Utilities


We will be adding more links here in the future, so check back every so often for updates.

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Hope this was helpful, and thanks!