Welcome to the home of the Central Ohio Paranormal Society - Central Ohio's premier paranormal research and investigation group.

Thank you for visiting the Central Ohio Paranormal Society website. We are a group of paranormal investigators (ghost hunters) who like to research and document ghostly activity. We have over 40 years combined experience between our members.

Within the pages of this site, you will not see animated logos, or links un-related to the paranormal. You will not see anything that was copied or taken from someone else's site. What you will see is evidence that we have collected from actual cases throughout Ohio. We have investigated many homes, historical locations, places of business, and local legends alike.

COPS will be upfront and direct in its approach to your case, and will always be honest about our findings and theories. You will find a lot of newer groups out there, who aren't totally honest with the public, that like to inflate their experience to fit their liking, and have trained themselves by watching paranormal television shows. We prefer to be original, and have come up with many of our own investigative techniques. Rather than copy or follow, we do things the way that we feel makes the most sense to us.

We have been together now for over ten years as a solid, well rounded group of adults. We have built and maintained an excellent reputation, and will continue to try and bring credibility to a field where credibility is hard to come by these days.