The Central Ohio Paranormal Society was founded by Mike Robare, his wife Gena, and family friend Randy Garrison in 2004. All three founding members have had a lifelong interest in the paranormal, as well as many personal experiences. After meeting up with some fellow ghosthunters one day by chance, we decided it was time to start our own team. We started out as a sub-group within the Ohio Exploration Society. COPS started small, investigating local Ohio haunted landmarks along with our friends from the OES, and even a few residences.

Later, we reformatted COPS and its goals and separated from OES into an independent organization solely dedicated to ghost research. The Central Ohio Paranormal Society now conducts investigations under the following informal guidelines:

  1. Our goals are simple, and we know that we may never prove ghosts are real. When investigating a location we try to do the following:

    1. Take our clients at their word and proceed with the assumption that a location is experiencing paranormal activity.

    2. Collect as much evidence in as many forms as possible.

    3. Identify possible mechanical, environmental, or human explanations for reported phenomena and verify (or disprove) such theories)

    4. If sufficient evidence is collected to suggest a real haunting, a more in depth background study is conducted. If sufficient evidence points to mechanical, environmental, or human causes, then a detailed explanation is drafted for the clients.

  2. Conduct ourselves in a mature and professional manner. Even though paranormal investigation is not a profession, being a professional is more about how you conduct your business with your clients and the public at large.

  3. Keep an open mind. Even though we as a team do not believe in many practices considered the norm by most paranormal investigation groups, we have to keep an open mind simply because no one (at this point in time) can prove their belief is the correct one. This is the problem when your subject of study cannot be physically studied in a laboratory environment.

  4. Investigate our way, not what is necessarily popular. While we may do some techniques that are common in the field of paranormal investigation, many of our techniques are unique to COPS. This way of thinking has been what has led us to find many of the tools we use.

  5. We are not, nor do we consider ourselves to be an authority on anything or better than anyone. We do things the way we do them because we feel it is the right way. We do our best to be upfront and honest about our accomplishments, as well as our limitations. When dealing with residential clients, we always keep in mind what is best for them. Sometimes, we offer, and get second opinions from those in the field we feel are qualified to give them.

Overall, Central Ohio Paranormal Society will continue to study the subjects of ghosts and spirits, do our best to contribute new methods to try, and do what we feel is right and in the best interests of our clients.

We will never charge for our investigative services. We do this as a hobby because we are passionate about paranormal investigation.

We hope you enjoy our website, and feel free to contact us with any questions.