Ohio Wesleyan University - Delaware, Ohio

In March, and August, of 2006, COPS visited several buildings of the Ohio Wesleyan University campus. While in contact with public safety officer John Ciochetty, we decided to visit the campus, and investigate the claims of paranormal activity. Some of the activity reported has been apparitions being seen of a young man (perhaps a former student), and a young girl in her early teens, loud crashing noises, electrical disturbances, and voices being heard in empty rooms.

Our first visit in March (spring break), Gena, Randy, and Mike, took an extensive tours of University Hall, Elliott Hall, Grey Chapel, and Stuyvesant Hall. While on the second floor of  Elliott Hall, a large fire door was opened, and then shut hard from the outside. After we checked the door, there was no way it could have been opened from the outside.

Elliott Hall


After we arrived at Stuyvesant Hall, John took us to the basement, where some students have reported seeing an apparition of a little girl known as "Alyssa".

To see a video recorded during this investigation, click here.

Stuyvesant Hall

Our second investigation in August of 2006 was at night, with more team members present. We were able to cover University Hall, and Elliott Hall simultaneously. We were here from about 6 p.m. to midnight. We deployed numerous audio recording devices around both buildings, along with six video cameras, and took hundreds of photographs. We also took EMF, temperature, and humidity readings, with nothing out of the ordinary recorded. Video failed to produce anything positive, and likewise with the photos. We did however manage to record some positive EVP recordings.


EVP Recordings



Sanborn/Presser Hall - 1-6-07

On January 6th, 2007, we investigated Sanborn Hall. This is one of the main buildings on campus with known paranormal activity. This building is mainly used for music classes, and is also the place of Jemison Auditorium. This building sits next to Blue Limestone Park, which is also rumored to be haunted. We investigated here for just over three hours, and did hear some things that couldn't be explained, and a few members had experienced a heaviness in a few of the class rooms. After we left Sanborn, we headed back to University Hall, and Grey Chapel, for a few more hours. Some of the photos from this trip can be viewed in the Wesleyan Photos page, click the link  below.


1-6-07 EVP Recordings



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