Ohio Wesleyan University - Austin Manor

COPS recently investigated the basement of Austin Manor, on the campus of Ohio Wesleyan University. Reports of apparitions, feelings of being watched, and strange noises have come from students, staff members, and tenants for quite a few years. The basement of this building is very large, and has alot of long hallways, dark corridors, defunct dorm rooms, and an old run down, non-working kitchen area.area while here, along with remote video, and audio gear. After about four hours of investigating, we did manage to capture one EVP in the run down kitchen area. As far as it being haunted, we can't really say. Alot of the reports are probably due to being in such an old, historic building. It does have a certain odd feeling to it though.


EVP Recordings


  • EVP1: This was captured in the kitchen area, near the bricked off tunnel. Sounds like a young child.
  • EVP2: Same recording as above, just cut, and boosted a bit.

More photos here.