Undisclosed Warehouse - Columbus, Ohio


COPS recently investigated a local company's warehouse, which has reports of objects being moved, unexplainable sounds, physical contact, and feelings of uneasiness, by the employees. We were also informed by a former Franklin County Sheriff Detective, that there was a homicide in the early 80's near this location.

The company has asked us not to post any photos, or video of this location, due to the area's high crime rate. After about four hours of investigating, we did pick up some sort of odd tapping, in which we couldnt pinpoint. At the time of our investigation, nothing out of the ordinary was picked up on video, or any positive photos were taken. We did however manage to capture a few positive EVP's. One of the recordings were recorded in a closed off office, near the rear of the building. The other recording was captured while photos were being taken, during our initial walkthrough. This place would be worth a return trip, to see if we could actually capture something more than just a few EVP's.


EVP Recordings