COPS will be appearing in West Jefferson, Ohio at the Hurt/Batelle library on October 13, 2010 at 7pm.

We will bring various equipment that we use for our investigations as well as some evidence that we have collected over the years.


Welcome to July!

Check out our ever-growing library of Tech-tips by clicking on the Articles link from our menu. Tech tips are updated weekly, and other articles will appear periodically.

Also check out our newest member, Deanna, in the Members page. We're still in the process of reviewing the applications submitted in June for a possible second new member to our team!

July promises to be an interesting month for COPS! Of course, we're thrilled to be participating in another Night Haunt at Malabar Farm later in the month, but we also have several investigations scheduled, as well as our ongoing research at various Native American sites in Central Ohio.


LAST CALL for membership applications! If you're interested in applying to join COPS, the time to get your application in to us is NOW!

COPS will be investigating locally on Saturday, June 19th and then appearaing at Malabar Farm on Saturday, June 26th for June's Night Haunt event.


COPS is celebrating our 6th year anniversary today!
We also remember those brave people who stormed the beaches of Normandy on this day in 1944. You have our eternal gratitude and respect.


It is hard to believe that June is here! COPS will be appearing at Malabar Farm on June 26th, and will be conducting several investigations this month. Don't forget to watch our facebook page for up-to-the minute updates on our activities and cool events. Stay tuned for important announcements, weekly tech tips, and opportunities to win COPS gear!


COPS just returned from MARCON where we held three presentations. We met some great people and enjoyed the opportunity to talk about the paranormal and present some of our evidence and equipment. We'd like to thank MARCON for inviting us, and it would be a pleasure to return to this event in the future.


A busy month of May kicks off for COPS with a residential investigation in the Columbus area tonight.

COPS is also proud to announce that we have been invited back to
historic Malabar Farm for the 2010 Night Haunt Series:

  • June 26th
  • July 24th
  • August 21st
Hope to see you there!


April has been a busy month for COPS! We've conducted several investigations, and are getting ready for a busy month in May! Stay tuned for more details about COPS appearing at the upcoming MARCON convention.

4-10-2010: Great Circle Earthworks - Newark, Ohio

Several members of COPS visited the Great Circle Earthworks in Newark, Ohio. We had some interesting personal experiences along with some rather anomalous ionization readings.

1-1-10: Happy New Year to everyone!

2010 promises to be another exciting year for COPS! We're off to a busy start in 2010 - we already have a fully-booked case log for January!

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