Grove City Residence - 6-21-08 and 7-05-08:

This photo was taken at a clients home as part of an ongoing investigation. This is not a screen capture from Nite Shot video, it is an actual digital photo from a Sony Camera with Niteshot ability (Sony DSC-V3 7.2 mp). This is one of the most, if not THE most intriguing images we have ever captured on still camera. As you can see, a ghostly image seems to be looking in from the other side of the doors.

The doors lead to another interior room, not the outside of the house as it appears. The image shows charecteristics of a three-dimensional form, and none of glare. Every possible non-paranormal explanation has been considered, and none fit. We have many shots from the same camera in the same direction and nothing that looks even remotely like the figure in the window. We feel that this IS one of those (really) lucky shots we just happened to get of an actual apparition. 

Below are a few resized comparison pics. To view the original click here.

Click here to see some of our comparison pics, as we tried to re-create this picture to the best of our ability.

This case was referred to us by TAPS, and we actually did two investigations at the home. The picture above was captued on our first investigation. The current owner bought the home over ten years ago. After speaking with some neighbors, the homeowner discovered that there was a suicide by a young woman who was caught in a love triangle. Further research into the background of this location also confirmed this, and that the young lady was pregnant with her lovers twins. Whether this is the young lady in the photo cannot be determined.

After we reviewed possible evidence from the first investigation, we thought we possibly had some video evidence of a door moving on it's own, but after further analysis of the video, it was debunked as IR shadowing. Below are the comparison videos.

Below is the analyzed version of the video. Notice the red outline of the picture frame behind the door, for an example of the shadowing.

EVP Recordings


Recorded 6-21-08: 

  • Interview_EVP  This was captured on an Olympus 960PC digital recorder during our initial interview with the client. Notice the moaning sound which seems to come into the conversation.
  • EVP_01  This was also captured with an Olympus digital 960PC, in conjunction with a Sima SZ  Shotgun microphone. Notice the female voice saying what sounds like "Oh my God".
  • EVP_03  In this clip, a tape recorder shuts off, which is noted by John, and then a female voice saying something which sounds like "tapes" or "taste". Also recorded on the 960PC/Sima Mic.

    Recorded 7-05-08: 

  • Bedroom Analog  In this audio clip, we captured what seems to be an adult speaking to a child that can't quite talk yet. What gives this recording creedence is that there were no investigators in the area at the time of this recording
  • EVP_Session_01  In this recording with the homeowner, she asks a question, and seems to get a response a few seconds later.
  • EVP_Session_02  Another EVP session with the homeowner, asking questions, and she gets an answer this time from what sounds like a female.
  • Micro_EVP_01  Gena captured yet another great EVP on her micro-cassette, while taking comparison pictures of the apparition photo. This is pretty much a Class-A, analog EVP. It is also pretty apparent that the statement coincides with the history of the location.
  • Micro_EVP_Clean  A cleaned up version of the above recording, thanks to our audio tech Tom Trescott.