Grove City Re-creation Comparison Photographs


Here are the comparison pictures we took to try and de-bunk the apparition captured during our first investigation. The apparition appears in a sun room that is attatched the the house, and is behind the doors. This is the only room that we did not investigate at the time. It also appears behind the window panes, on the doors that lead to the room.


Very close to the original settings, and lighting:


Zoomed out just a bit, with Mike's left arm in motion:


Same settings, with a bit of motion blur, and lower angle:


Same settings, with a bit of motion blur, and lower angle:


Another one close to original settings:


Zoomed in just a bit closer, same settings:


Same settings, with Chris Tanner in the room with a flashlight pointing upwards. Notice the amount of light on the ceiling:


Chris with a flashlight again, with the same effect as before, and Mike out of the picture:


In this picture we came close, but notice the lighted design on the wall to the left of the door. Chris was outside trying various lights shinning them through the glass design on the front door. We also tried headlights from our cars, and even tried driving up and down the street, to no avail:


We are left to believe that we actually did capture a true apparition at this location. We also had a few personal experiences, along with some EVP recordings, which help support the photo even more.


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