Private Residence - Zanesville, Ohio

COPS investigated a private residence in the Zanesville, Ohio area on November 29,2008. Reports include a child-size black figure, hearing voices, hearing footsteps (when nobody is home), and one of the clients being slapped. Various family members have reported being touched lightly on the legs while in the house. Most of the activity centers around one of the client's children - a 13 year old girl. A majority of the activity is either witnessed by, or centers around, this young lady. She reports being able to hear various voices on occasion as well. The clients reported to us that the family dog does not like being in the lower level, an observation that we noted to be true. In spite of the presence of friendly, dog-loving strangers, the dog remained upstairs during the entire investigation, only briefly venturing downstairs during our initial tour.

The weather for the investigation was unseasonably cold for November, and the skies were clear. We monitored the investigation with the DVR, recording video from 4 locations: upstairs hallway, downstairs hallway/family room, a downstairs bedroom, and the downstairs laundry room (this camera was positioned to record into another downstairs bedroom through a doorway). We positioned the Zoom H2 recorder in the lower level bedroom that has experienced the majority of activity. Two additional mobile recorders were carried by investigators. Our Thermal Camera was also used during one pass. One portable MiniDV camcorder was also carried by an investigator.

Upon touring the property, we realized that the bedroom that was featured in most of the reports of paranormal activity was very near the home's electrical box. We felt that, by proximity alone, this could be a possible explanation for some of the reports due to possible EMF sensitivity. The client informed us that electrical work had been done recently. EMF tests were performed, and the wiring and electrical box were found to have EMF levels in the normal to below-normal range. The wiring was obviously well done and properly grounded/shielded. Throughout the investigation, our Tri-Field EMF meter held very stable, so we feel that EMF is not a likely cause.

Personal Experiences:

  • While sitting quietly in the lower-level family room, an investigator reported that something had momentarily blocked the red LED light coming from the Zoom H2 audio recorder. Thermal footage shot immediately after she reported the event confirms her location, and also confirms that her line-of-sight to the H2 was not blocked by any physical object. Video and Audio from the same time revealed nothing.
  • An investigator was quietly going to peek in to an upstairs bedroom (occupied by the couple's infant daughter). Upon turning the door handle, she felt something pressing back against the door as if to keep her out. The clients were not in the baby's room, and the baby was asleep. The event was captured on our DVR, but not in sufficient detail to include it as evidence.
  • Several investigators throughout the course of the evening heard footsteps in the upstairs hall. Review of our DVR footage revealed that the family dog made several trips between the upstairs living room and the upstairs master bedroom. While this might explain some of the reported creaking sounds, it is unlikely to be mistaken for human footsteps, especially since the entire upstairs area patrolled by the dog is carpeted.
  • One investigator reported that something appeared to momentarily block the outside light coming into the lower level bedroom where most reported paranormal activities were reported. We were unable to verify or debunk this. It is possible that cars on a nearby street could have created this event.

EVP Recordings:
We captured four possible EVPs during the investigation:

  • In this clip, a female voice is heard prior to an investigator speaking. Click to listen.
  • Our investigator is encouraging anyone present to make themselves known. A female voice responds. Click to listen.
  • Two investigators are discussing a personal experience in which the light from the outside window was blocked. An extra voice appears at the end. Click to listen.
  • A woman's voice responds to one of our investigators. Click to listen.

Our thermal camera produced an interesting image:

There is an unusually strong cold spot on the floor of this picture. The light areas on the carpet are the footprints of the investigator and the client. We passed through this area prior to taking this image, and noted nothing unusual temperature-wise on the floor. This image was recorded at the same time our investigator experienced something blocking the Zoom H2's light on the level below.


Due to a variety of scheduling difficulties, we were not able to meet with the clients until early March. When we returned, we were joined by Larry Copeland  at the request of the client. Larry described several entities who were present -- people who had lived on the land previously. His descriptions matched the experiences of the family which was very interesting, especially since we had provided no information about the case to Larry in advance. Our general opinion on the case is that there is paranormal activity present, but nothing malicious in nature.