Private Residence - Whitehall, Ohio 12-10-05

In December of 2005, we were contacted by a veteran of the Columbus Fire Department, about some odd occurances in his parents home. Some of the activity reported to us were strange writings on the wall with lipstick, objects being moved, voices, and in one instance, the son went over to check on his parents, and had spark plugs thrown at him, as he exited the house.

During our time at the home, the son took his parents out to dinner, and then to his house for a few hours, so we could investigate the home, to see if we could catch any activity. After about two hours, nothing out of the ordinary happened, until Randy, and Chris heard what sounded like a large object being moved across the hardwood floor, in a sealed off bedroom. When the room was checked, nothing was out of place.

Nothing was captured on video, but we did manage to record some pretty interesting EVP's. We also have one questionable photo as well. Below you will see a photo taken in Infra-Red (IR). Notice the picture hanging on the wall to the far right. Reflection? Possibly. The face has some distinct features on it though. We decided to post it for you to judge.


Here are some photos that the mother took one morning after she woke up. She found all this on the walls, and counters.





EVP Recordings


  • Hi  An odd voice, shortly after Chris  speaks.
  • Lost_Mine  This was picked up on one of our video cameras in a closed off part of the home.
  • Laugh_Scream  An odd voice, and heavy breathing captured in the living room.
  • Thank_You   Captured in the bedroom, where objects sounded like they were being moved.
  • All_this_stuff  Recorded only moments into our investigation.