Private Residence - West Liberty, Ohio  10-13-07

When we were asked to investigate this turn of the century home, in western Ohio, the clients reported to us that they were experiencing feelings of being watched, objects being moved, shadow people, footsteps, and even their child talking to an imaginary friend. Activity was reported throughout the entire house, but more so in the basement, and upstairs child's room. Four video cameras we placed in the active areas, as were multiple audio recording devices, both analog, and digital.

Although we did pick up some questionable shadows on video, it wasn't enough evidence to label paranormal. Gena also witnessed an oddly lit mist on the upstairs landing. After about five hours, we decided to pack up, and head back to Columbus. The next few days did however turn up some really interesting EVP's, during our evidence review. Gena picked up a recording of what sounds like an older sounding man, in the living room. Cherise also picked up a recording of what sounds like a child asking a question, in the child's bedroom.


EVP Recordings


  • West_Liberty_01  Gena captured this on her analog micro-cassette, with external mic.
  • Cherise_child_EVP Captured in the child's bedroom by Cherise, also with an analog recorder.

    The client has also asked that we not publish any photos of the home. They have also moved from this location, and it is currently up for sale.

    Future updates from this client will be posted here.