Private Residence - West Jefferson, Ohio - March 2008

In March of 2008, we were contacted by a homeowner in West Jefferson, Ohio on reports of possible  physical interaction with the clients children. We were told that the kids see a little boy, that wakes them up at night while sleeping, wanting to play with them. They also reported to us that they see a tall man, and his dog near their basement, and kitchen areas.

When we first arrived at the home for interviewing, audio recorders were set up in the areas of interest. After the initial interview took place, Mike was in the upstairs bedroom area, and noticed very odd smells that could not be pinponited. After the rest of the home was checked for the odors, it was very evident that they did come from one of the bedrooms.

After the initial investigation we did happen to pick up some very strange EVP recordings which can be heard below. During our second investigation, which took place a week later, no evidence what so ever, was found.

This picture was taken, after hearing strange sounds coming from the basement.

On our third trip to the home we brought along our friend Larry Copeland who is an Intuitive Medium. We thought that maybe he could give some validation to the reports, and evidence we collected. After speaking with the home owner, Larry did confirm with the client, that her reports were genuine, and told her some things about the property, in which they had already researched. With no prior knowledge of this case, Larry's reading of the home was correct.

We also gave the client some pointers, on how to further deal with what is happening. So far everything has remained quiet. More information will be posted here if applicable. Below are the audio recording we obtained while investigating.


EVP Recordings


  • West_Jeff_01  This was recorded in the bedroom where the little boy has been seen.
  • West_Jeff_01_Edit  Same recording as above, but with light hiss reduction, and at half speed.
  • West_Jeff_02  Also recorded in the upstairs bedroom area. Sounds like a small dog.
  • West_Jeff_02_Filtered  Slight hiss reduction to the same recording above.
  • West_Jeff_03  This recording was captured by Gena while talking with the client. Listen before Gena talks.
  • West_Jeff_03_Slowed_Filtrered  Same as the above recording, but clipped, and filtered a bit, to be heard better.