MTP Players and Windows XP

Recently, I was given an older MP3 player that also had recording capability. It performed very well (surprisingly so) in testing so I decided to give it a shot at a recent investigation. It recorded three hours of audio.

This morning, I connected it to my Windows XP machine to transfer the 1.3GB of recorded audio. Unfortunately, when I attempted to transfer the files I received an error message indicating that I was "out of space." This was blatently untrue as both the player and the computer had more than enough storage space. Some searching turned up the following results:

Apparently, there was a transfer-size limit in the MS Windows implementation of the MTP protocol. This limit is somewhere around 350MB and this is why the error occurred. The manufacturer of the player linked to a Microsoft location for the hotfix. Unfortunately, this link was no longer available. A bit more digging turned up a solution...

1. The hotfix is available from Microsoft. Make sure you select the correct platform for your computer. Traditional Windows XP is the x86 option for most people.

2. You may be required to install the Windows Media 11 SDK prior to installing the hotfix. Find it here.

3. Restart and reconnect your MTP player. Mine was able to copy the files successfully once this was in place.

As always, make sure that you verify that the links above are taking you to the legitimate Microsoft site. These links may expire in the future as Microsoft updates their pages and links. Also, do your own research to verify that this is the actual cause and solution you need. Installation of these applications is done at your own risk and COPS assumes no liability for any issues that may result.

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