Tech Tip Thursday from Facebook

Don't forget about analog tape recording devices in your arsenal! Cassette recorders are still a great way to capture EVPs and are available inexpensively on EBay. If you do add a portable recorder to your gear collection, we also recommend using an external microphone. This moves the microphone away from the mechanical components of the recorder.

Analog recorders have magnetic-field-sensitive components (tape heads) that digital recorders do not have. We don't know exactly how EVPs end up on recording devices, so looking at numerous potential sources is a good idea!

Unlike their digital counterparts, analog tape recorders are intentionally sensitive to magnetic field fluctuations -- this is, after all, how they work. The tape head is designed to convert electrical fluctuations to a flutuating magnetic field which is then recorded onto tape. When playing back, the tape head converts the fluctuating magnetic field back into electrical fluctuations which the internal circuitry amplifies so that we can hear.

If the sources of our EVPs are, as is commonly held in the paranormal field, able to manipulate E-M fields, then an analog recorder would be an ideal tool to have available.

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