Private Residence - Sugar Grove, Ohio 1-14-06/7-15-06

In January 2006, we were asked to investigate a home in the Hide Away Hills area of Sugar Grove, Ohio. The client reported to us that they have heard voices, chanting, and have had physical experiences as well, such as touching, objects being moved, and feelings of being watched. We were told that the houses in this area were once pristine hunting cabin getaways in the 1950's-60's. The client has also completely renovated the home, and they said that is when the activity had started.

After about three hours into our investigation, Mike went into one of the bedrooms to take some photos. This bedroom was reported to us that, a family friend of the client had odd feelings in the room, and that her child was awakened by an un-seen presence. After spending only a few minutes in the room, Mike was pushed away from an antique loom, or spinning wheel. Once Mike shined his light to see what had came over him, the wheel actually jumped off the loom's frame.

Another noted occasion on the first night we were there, Randy, Chris, and Mike were in the upstairs loft, setting up video, and audio equipment, something interfered with Randy's camera downstairs. In the video below, you can clearly hear someone with heavy footsteps, come in the front door, and bump the stationary camera. Please also note that the home owners were at the next door residence.

Video Player

On our second investigation of the home in July, of 2006, more attention was focused on the room where Mike was pushed, and the wheel incident happened. This time while changing tapes on an audio recorder, Mike became physically ill, and said that he had sharp pains in his stomach, as if being stabbed. Moments later he was fine. This happened twice, both while changing audio cassettes. We also captured an EVP in the bedroom, which coincides with Mike's physical encounters.


EVP Recordings


  • EVP_01  This is the EVP that was captured in the bedroom around the time Mike got sick. Recorded with a standard cassette, and boundary microphone.
  • EVP_02  Same recording as the above, just cleaned up a bit.