Undisclosed Business - Plain City, Ohio 4-19-08

We were recently invited to investigate a business in Plain City, Ohio. The location and name are being withheld due to the business being a government contractor. The operations manager had reported some of his experiences to us, that mostly took place at night, while he was alone in the building. He had also told us that other workers that came in early in the morning, also experienced odd sounds, and the feeling of being watched, and overall uneasiness.

The operations manager had also picked up alot of orb activity on the company's video security system. Most of it was just dust, but there were also a few orbs moving in an almost intelligent way. We also have been given permission to post, what is believed to be a possible apparition photo. This picture was also picked up on the DVR security system.

During our investigation, most of the noises in the building were probably due to the open area in which the building stands, and the weather causing the siding to expand and contract, which is normal in the newer style construction on a warehouse type building. We did however pick up some abnormal activity in one room of the bulding. In a brick walled room, in what the manager called the "Ammo Room", the lights came on for no reason, and was also locked from the inside on one occasion.

We did manage to capture a few EVP's also. All captured with analog cassette recorders. Below you can listen to our recordings, and see the video from the DVR, along with the comparison picture taken from the DVR.


Here is the original video taken from the company's DVR system:

Video Player


This is the original screen capture from the video:


These are the comparison pics:



EVP Recordings 


  • AmmoRoom_01:  This was captured inside the ammo room with nobody inside at the time. We thought that maybe this odd sound was someone's camera, but after we checked our gear, the sound did not match.
  • AmmoRoom_01_edit: Same recording as above, but with light hiss reduction, and slowed down 15%
  • AmmoRoom_Locked:  This was recorded after we tried to get into the ammo room to change tapes. This was captured outside of the room.
  • Micro_AmmoRoom_01:  This was picked up while setting up. You will hear what sounds like a whistle, and then a loud voice.
  • Micro_AmmoRoom_01 edit:  Same as the above, just clipped out the un-wanted noise, so it could be heard better.
  • Micro_AmmoRoom_02:  Recorded again, outside the ammo room, where all of the activity seemed to take place. Sounds like something is saying "Get it off" or "Get it out".
  • Micro_AmmoRoom_02 edit:  Same as above just clipped and filtered a bit.