Private Residence - Newark, Ohio

COPS investigated a private residence in the Zanesville, Ohio area in April, 2010. Our clients reported a feeling of being watched. They have seen various shadows and motion out of the corner of their eyes on occasion as well as hearing various noises in parts of the house (when nobody was there). In the master bedroom, they reported several incidents of the bed moving, almost like a child was bouncing on it. These events had been going on for some time and the client no longer felt comfortable with their house.

The weather during the investigation was calm, as was solar and terrestrial E-M activity.

Personal Experiences:

  • Several investigators did experience the feeling of being watched or not being alone in a room.
  • Five portable battery packs were drained nearly entirely. These packs were subsequently tested and are not defective or weak in any way. Two of the packs were high-capacity variety and went from 300+ minutes of reported run-time to less than 5 instantly..
  • Another battery experienced faster-than-expected draining, but on subsequent testing was found to be defective.
  • We conducted several EVP sessions where we augmented the normal audio recording devices with instrumentation that includes audible feedback (TriField Natural, COPS UltrION-4). In several of these sessions, these meters seemed to be responsive to questions asked by our investigators. Additional, the resposes were consistent even through double-blind questioning. These sessions were recorded on MiniDV and the video has been provided to our clients.

EVP Recordings:
This investigation yielded numerous EVPs. Some of the better examples are included here:

  • Sounds of footsteps/activity at the top of the stairs when nobody was present. Click to listen. The recorder and the surrounding area was monitored by a DVR camera, and nobody was present in the area or on the stairs at the time of these noises.
  • This was recorded as we neared completion of our equipment setup, immediately before beginning an EVP session in the Dining Room area. Click to listen. This EVP is in German and translates to "they are above" or "they are up there." Captured with a Zoom H2
  • This whispered EVP was captured in the Den area of the home. Captured on MiniDV. Click to listen.
  • This EVP was captured in the master bedroom on a portable Mini-DV camera. It is so loud that we initially thought that maybe one of the investigators present was making a funny voice. However, this was not the case. Click to listen.
  • This is another EVP captured in the master bedroom. We placed a ball on the floor and marked it to detect movement. Based on the reports from our client, we approached this as a possible child and encouraged them to play with the ball. Captured on an Olympus Voice Recorder.
    Click to listen.


The quantity and quality of the EVPs captured during the investigation was surprising. During the investigation, the number of personal experiences was fairly limited and the location seemed "quiet" in general. However, between the EVPs captured, battery drain, meter responses, and the reports from the client, it appears that the investigation was anything but quiet! It is our conclusion that this location has paranormal activity present.

This conclusion was echoed by Larry Copeland  during a follow-up visit.