Private Residence - North of Marysville, Ohio

We investigated a private residence in the vicinity of Marysville, Ohio, February 28, 2009. The property owners have experienced a variety of paranormal events the entire time they have owned the 100+ year-old residence. Footsteps resembling someone walking in heavy boots have been reported, but in areas where carpeting is present. The client also reports various apparitions, including those of a young boy, a young girl, and several African-American males in the basement. The client reports that the land was involved in the underground railroad prior to the construction of the current property. Voices are heard occasionally by the clients as well. In one situation, a voice strongly spoke the name "Milton Crabb(e)." (We were able to verify that an individual bearing this name was born in Madison County, Ohio in 1864.)

The night was cold and partly cloudy, with a fair amount of wind - some of which was noticeable on various audio recordings made at the property. With the DVR, we monitored the lower stairwell, the upper stairwell, and both upstairs bedrooms. A Zoom H2, operating in 4 channel mode, was placed at the top of the stairwell. Individual audio recorders were also maintained by Eric and Andrea as they investigated. Two recordings with our Thermal Camera were made.

EMF readings for AC fields, such as those expected from various electrical devices, were taken and the overall conclusion was that there are no high EMF areas present due to the normal operation of the electrical system. The property is rural, and no high-power RF equipment was observed in the vicinity. Thus, we are fairly certain that high man-made EMF or EMF hypersensitivity are not involved with any of the reports of activity.

EVP Recordings:
Several candidates were identified, but upon review were either unintelligible or another member of the investigative crew, such as this example.   Analysis of this clip's spectrum and cross-referencing with other audio indicated that it was merely Andrea noting wind conditions for her own audio review.

Personal Experiences:

  • During setup, light coming from behind the closed bathroom door was momentarily blocked, as if someone was in the room. The room was empty.
  • A similar "blocking of light" event occurred at the top of the staircase during an EVP session. This event was cross-referenced with the DVR footage, but nothing was found.
  • 1920's style music was heard by an investigator in the lower stairwell toward the end of the investigation. The client confirmed that they have experienced similar events.
  • An investigator's recorder, that had been placed in the basement, was moved. No sound was captured, however, consistent with the unit being picked up and moved.
  • While in the tear-down process, an investigator was greeted by an audible "Hello" as he descended the basement stairs to retrieve his audio recorder. The audio recorder did not pick up this voice, unfortunately.
  • Thermal Footage:
    This clip was taken with the client during an EVP session. While it may or may not be paranormal in nature, it is an interesting clip. Our client observed some coldness and a feeling of oppression just prior to this clip. The feelings of cold she reported are matched by the thermal footage.

    Video Player

    Compare that to this thermal image, recorded just a few minutes prior. This image shows a more typical distribution of heat:



    We did not capture anything definitive on this visit to the location. However, based on the personal experiences of our investigators, we believe that the property does have some form of paranormal activity taking place that would warrant further investigation. The client recommended returning in the future to investigate again, perhaps starting later in the evening. We would welcome this opportunity.