Private Residence - Mt. Sterling, Ohio 2-18-06

This was a case we had taken from a listener to the Woody and the Wakeup Call show, a few years ago, when we were guests on the show. The couple that contacted us, had some very interesting reports from their home. Some of the things they told us were that their young daughter, would get awakened by a ghost of a young girl. While we were there, the children were at a relatives house, but the homeowners told us that when their daughter was awakened, that the apparition would play with her. The parents even went into her room in the late hours of the night to find her playing with her imaginary friend, on more than one occasion.

One odd story a family member told us, was that the home served as a VA home in the late 60's, and before that, a family lived there that was rumored among the neighbors to have been incestual. Wether these reports were indeed true, were not revealed during research of the property.

Being limited on space during our investigation, we decided to focus on the childs room, and a handful of other rooms where reported instances have occured. After roughly four hours of investigating, we decided to call it a night due to the family turning up the television loudly, and other family members showing up, and being rather loud, we took that as a signal to call it a night.

After discussing the investigation the next day, we figured nothing would turn up during our evidence review. We were wrong. After hours of video, and audio review, we did manage to capture some pretty distinct EVP of a child. Take a listen to the files we have posted below. Your volume will need to be adjusted to hear these.


 EVP Recordings


  • Daddy  This one is really low in volume, turn it up to hear this one. Please keep in mind that there were no children present at the time.
  • Didn't do it  Recorded in the child's room where the child apparition is seen. Turn this up a bit as well, it's a very distinct recording.
  • Walkie_hello  This was recorded after Tanner had said "Hello", while watching a live feed on a video monitor. This was captured coming through the monitor.