Moonville Tunnel - Zaleski State Forest

Back in 2004, when COPS first started out, Jason of the OES, took us down to Zaleski State Forest, to see the reportedly haunted Moonville Tunnel. This was our first, and only trip to the tunnel. While there, we did not experience anything out of the ordinary, the area alone does have a certain "odd" feeling to it. Probably due to hiking through the woods at night.


The Moonville Legend:

On a dark night in the late 1850s, a brakeman was killed by a train. He was drunk after playing cards with some others, and while walking through the tunnel, attempted to stop the train by swinging his lantern back and forth. It didn't work and he was hit by the train and decapitated. His ghost is now said to haunt the tunnel, swinging his lantern back and forth for eternity.


The old bridge pillars, leading to the tunnel:


Entrance to the tunnel, off the main path:


Close-up of the old brick masonry:


Plaque inside, stating the repair work in 1903: