Malabar Farm State Park

COPS was invited to Malabar Farm State Park, to investigate the beautiful mansion of once famous author, Louis Bromfield. This thirty two room mansion is host to many tours, and is also a working farm. On three separate occasions, we were invited by the wonderful staff to investigate the ghostly activity reported by the staff, and their guests as well. Some of the claims of paranormal activity were apparitions being seen, the piano mysteriously playing by itself, unexplained voices coming from empty rooms, and feelings of being watched.

Some of the things our investigators experienced were a brush on leg by perhaps a cat. Others found cabinet doors open, that were closed only moments before, and a tape recorder actually being removed from a pocket, and ended up sliding across a hardwood floor. We also had our parked SUV pushed from the front, while we gathered equipment from the back. During another trip to the home, a light was asked to be turned off in the basement, the light dimmed for a few seconds, but never turned completely off.

Below is some of our evidence we've captured.


EVP Recordings


Here is a photo Gena took during our first investigation. It was taken with a Sony DSC-V3 7.2 mega-pixel camera, with the Niteshot function. It appears to be a tall, thin man, in a doorway near the "Blueroom", which has alot of reported activity.


Here is an analyzed version of the same photo. Thanks to Infinity Paranormal for the comparison.


Malabar Farm Photo Gallery