Little Theatre off Broadway - Grove City, Ohio


Little Theater Off Broadway, is a very small theatre that was built in 1916, by a woman named Mrs. King as a showcase for her blind daughter, Ethel, to play the piano. After Mrs. King sold the theatre in 1927, it switched hands several times until the Little Theatre Off Broadway group bought it in 1968. Since then, haunting activities such as doors slamming, footsteps being heard, and crashing noises have taken place. An apparition of a woman had been seen near the tech booth. She is believed to be the ghost of Ethel King.

COPS member Sam Clark has been an active member of LTOB since his childhood, and still is today. Sam got the request for us to investigate, shortly after he joined COPS. In May of 2006. After roughly a five hour initial investigation, nothing really seemed out of place. Although we did manage to collect some EVP's, nothing turned up positive on photo, or video. Since then, we have managed quite a few follow up investigations. Since then only a few select EVP's have been collected.


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We would like to thank Joy Schmidt for her continued support of COPS.