House of the Unknown


In March of 2007, we teamed up with writer/playright Mark Jordan, author Brett Mitchell, and Evolution Films to film the documentary "House of the Unknown".

Filming of this event took place at various locations on Malabar Farm State Park, an focuses on Celia "Ceely" Rose, and the murders she commited in 1896, killing both of her parents, and her brother. The documentary is based on Brett Mitchell's detailed account of actual records from the case, in a great historical book titled: "Triple Murder : The crimes committed by Celia Rose."

There is also a play that has been very successful. Written, and directed by Mark Jordan, simply titled "Ceely", that has been a hit at Malabar Farm for the last few years.

As for our bit in the film, I really can't say a lot about the final production, or the release, or if it will EVER be released. It was supposed to originally air this past fall of 2007, but from what I was told, I don't think it ever will be aired, but you never know! Oh well if it dosen't, we had a great time working with the film crew, producers, etc. Not many paranormal groups get that chance to do something like this, and we considered it an honor.

We do however, have a small clip from one of our video cameras, working with the camera men, host, and producer. This was basically us investigating the Ceely Rose House, while being filmed, and talking with a host. It was really cool to see how they did things.

We did pick up on some odd activity in the basement. Motion detectors were being tripped repeatedly, and very high spikes on the TriField EM meter. After being reset several times, Mike picked up an EVP, which clearly states "Come to the basement".
The original, and boosted versions of this recording are below.


EVP Recordings