Residential Case - Groveport, Ohio 10-28-06

This case was from a caller, on our annual appearance on 92.3's "Woody and the Wakeup Call" in October of 2006. This house has been in the caller's family for quite some time, but there was also an eerie history to the home. In the 1950's, there was a brutal double murder in the home.

After further talking with the homeowner later that night, the investigation was set up for the coming Saturday night. After we arrived, the homeowner gave us more reports of some of the things him, and his family members have experienced. Most of the attention focused on the basement area, and the upstairs bedroom. The basement, and its staircase, were where the murders had taken place. Gena, and former member Larry decided to go along with Larry's impression, and ask questions in the basement. With audio recorders in hand, they captured a direct answer to a question.

During our live video and audio feeds from the upstairs, Mike went upstairs to change out a video tape, and suddenly felt a heaviness about the room. He also witnessed footsteps coming toward him, and then suddenly stop. EVP was also captured in the room around the same time this occured.


EVP Recordings


  • EVP_01  Recorded in the basement, where alot of the activity takes place. You will hear Larry asking the spirit to manifest. THe answer has been boosted a bit in order to hear a little better.
  • EVP_02  This was captured speaking with the homeowner, about EVP recording, and an electronic sounding voice was captured.
  • EVP_03  Recorded in the upstairs bedroom, after footsteps were heard approaching Mike.