Greenlawn Abbey Mausoleum - Columbus, Ohio


In conjunction with the Ohio Exploration Society (OES), we were invited to jointly investigate the Greenlawn Abbey, in June of 2004. At the time of our first investigation, OES founder Jason Robinson, and Phil Niklas were donating free time, to help clean the place up. It has been rumored that up to three spirits haunt the Abbey. Famous magician Howard Thurston, the ghost of a young boy, and an elderly woman in an old fashioned dress.

Greenlawn Abbey was built in 1927, out of fine Italian marble, and Ohio limestone. more on this building's history can be found here.

In the past, this building has been heavily vandalized, and broken into repeatedly. There are broken statues, stained glass windows, and damage to the doors, and gates. Since 2005, the Columbus Landmarks Foundation , has put forth a great effort into restoring the bulding. They have even set up a website for the Abbey to help with the restoration.

The Abbey is now armed with a security system, and patrolled regularly by the police.


Greenlawn Abbey EVP Recordings


  • Abbey_02  Recorded in the second level, with no humans present.
  • Ask_Me This was captured after three scratch marks appeared on Gena's arm.
  • Hate_Us  This was recorded on the outside staircase.
  • SOS  This recording sounds like some sort of prayer. Looped to hear it twice.
  • Who?  Also captured outside, near the front gate. Sounds like a little girl.
  • Take_Care Recorded only seconds after the above recording. Maybe the young man that is rumored to haunt the Abbey?
  • Take me home  This recording sounds similar the the young man above.
  • Take_Control  Captured in the lower level, near Thurston's plot.