Private Residence - Clintonville, Ohio

Chris Tanner brought this case to us from past solo investigations before he joined COPS. Since October of 2007, the client has since moved out of the home, because of the activity there. Some of the things reported at this location near the OSU campus are physical interactions, such as moving objects, voices, loud noises, and overall uneasy feelings.

Since the client is a state of Ohio employee, they have asked us not to post any photos of the home. They have however, granted us any time access to this home, until they decide what to do with it.

Upon our first investigation at the home, we heard water running as we entered. When we looked to see where it was coming from, we noticed that it was running in the bathtub upstairs. We also noticed that the ceramic handle was broken, so it wasn't able to be turned off. We called the homeowner to inform them what we discovered, and they told us that no one had been in the home for at least a week, and that everything was normal at that time. Mike found the main shut-off, and turned the water off.

During the set-up of our gear, Mike went upstairs to the same area where the water was running, and was setting up audio recorders. At that time, in the same bathroom, a cabinet door was opened, and then slammed shut. It was so loud, that it was heard downstairs. Upon inspection of the incident, it was determined that there was no reason for the door to open, and slam shut, as it was found to be a very solid cabinet door.

A few hours later, Sam was sitting on the stairway landing, and witnessed one of our video cables being moved. Other things inclue very uneasy feelings, as if being watched. Another time we investigated, Chris and Mike were monitoring stationary video in the living room, and heard something, or someone walking around upstairs. They were the only two people in the house at that time.

Below are just a few EVP's that we have captured. More evidence/information will be posted here as it becomes available.


EVP Recordings


  • Got you now  Chris recorded this during a cleansing of the home.
  • Testing 123  This was recorded on a stationary video camera. Mike is testing an audio recorder, and something says "Testing" after Mike is done talking.
  • Bedroom Hello  This recording was captured before the cabinet door slammed. Almost sounds child like.