Ceely Rose House

COPS returned to Malabar Farm state park for a third investigation of the main house, and the infamous Ceely Rose house. We also met with guests of Malabar's "Night Haunt" that evening, to give a short presentation about paranormal investigations. After that, we started two, simultaneous investigations between the main mansion, and the quaint Rose house.

  In 1896, Ceely Rose poisoned her entire family, due to the fact that her parents scolded Ceely for harrassing a neighbor's son, whom Ceely had a crush on. She then went on, to spend the rest of her life in a mental institution. It has been said that Ceely still roams the land of Malabar Farm, and that she can been seen peering out the windows of her home from time to time.

After our investigation, we reviewed over 27 hours of recordings, from seven different recording devices, and did manage some really good EVP. Video, and photo failed to produce anything positive. Although we did feel an overall heaviness about the Rose house, which seemed to get stronger as the night went on. We are now pleased to present to you, the first, and only EVP's, from the "Ceely Rose House".


Rose House EVP's


  • Ceely_Witch Recorded while asking questions directly to Ceely.

  • Ceely_7806  This was captured outside, during a break. Not to sure whats being said here, but if you listen closely, you can hear horses trotting in the background. Really strange, since there were no horses in the area.
  • Scared  Not to sure whats being said in this recording, but it sounds like "scared".
  • GenaCeely_COPS Gena picked up this recording in Ceely's bedroom.
  • GenaCeely_Yes This was picked up while one of the park rangers were telling us about some of the history of the Rose house
  • GenaCeely_HelpUs This recording sounds like "Help Us" or "Helpless"
  • Radio_EVP Gena picked this up while talking to Mike via walkie-talkie. It's a scream that came over Mike's voice while he was wrapping things up at the main mansion. Notice how it screams over his voice.
  • Radio_EVP_02 Same recording as above, but picked up by Larry's digital recorder, while monitoring the conversation on the radio.


    Click here for pictures of the Rose House

    Once again, we would like to thank the staff of Malabar Farm State park for having us up again, and for allowing us to participate in the "Night Haunt" tour. The guests were great, and we appreciate them taking an interest in what we do.